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Using Artifact Amplification to Expose Doctoring

Deepfakes are posing a serious threat to the integrity of our digital society. Detection techniques are essential to combat the evolving abilities of deepfake generation meth- ods. Crucially, developing tools that allow humans to recognize doctored videos at first glance is key to avoid the spread of misinformation. Here, we introduce a new deepfake detection framework that intelligently distorts fake videos to amplify unnatural deepfake artifacts. Our arti- fact amplification module is semi-supervised by human data and creates interpretable attention maps highlighting arti- facts. These maps improve the performance of our classifier, and allow us to generate Deepfake Caricatures: a transfor- mation of the original deepfake video where artifacts and subtle unnatural movements are amplified to improve hu- man recognition. In short, the contributions of this work are two-fold: we show improved performance on several deepfake detection datasets with a model explicitly attend- ing to artifacts of fake videos, and we provide a pipeline to create our Deepfake Caricatures, a defense mechanism against deepfakes to help people better identify if a video has been doctored. Our approach, based on a mixture of human and artificial supervision, aims to further the devel- opment of countermeasures against fake visual content, and grants humans the ability to make their own judgment when presented with dubious visual media

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Human Artifact Maps

Our Framework utilises both machine and human supervision to learn to highlight unnatural deepfake artifacts. This has two advantages: it allows us to build better deepfake detectors, and it gives rise to Deepfake Caricatures, a new way of modifying videos to expose doctoring.

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Download the code for the Deepfake Caricatures project here.

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  • Camilo Fosco, Alex Andonian, Allen Lee, Xi Wang, Aude Oliva
    Deepfake Caricatures: Using Artifact Amplification To Expose Doctoring.

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